Create Colorful Poster "Cactus Face" in Photoshop🌵

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What is inside?

A short but straight to the point course which will teach you how to create the colorful "Cactus Face" poster. Watch introduction video for more details 😉

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What will you accomplish in this course?🤔

The main secret of this artwork is the colorful paint drops on her face. If you want to know how to create that then this course is for you. It is really easy to create and takes only a few minutes. Get this course and learn how.

Watch the introduction video for more details😉

What other people say 💭

"Always wondered how Fred creates those beautiful paint drop effects, now I know how :)"


"Really love the cactus stems on her face, will add this to my other portrait artworks!"


"Always happy to learn some cool Photoshop tricks from Fred, this was great"